My fellow people, no be small thing oh, bad bellèh people don jazz me again.

Nearly 25 years old, a quarter of century living on this earth, but I’m still got surprised by my foolish sub-continent… Looking back through all these latest months, it seems like political Peace has been gaining more and more supporters. Going from Libya, moving through Ivory Coast and Mali, Peace is everywhere. You think everything dey fine? No oh, Central African Republic, still you? You again? Oh God …

Na so, broda, sista, you don hear again, a rebel troop, this time called “seleka” ( don laugh, dis thing na serious matter, no be Congolese band… somehow like “tsholeka”, “selecao” etc… )  overthrew the Central African former president, Mister Francois Bozizé … former Putschist himself who remained in power since 2003.  You think it was the first “coup d’etat”? Hell no, it was just the latest of a huge series of militaries coup which began 47 years ago,  when Jean Bédel Bokassa  overthrew his cousin David Dacko (1966) , few years before David Dacko  got his revenge against Bokassa (1979),  e no fi last  too long … seen that in 1981 General André Kolingba  chased David Dacko .

A political peace was set down from 1993 to 2003, after what François Bozizé  took the power from Ange Félix Patassé.   Today, after GOD, the new ruler of Central African state is a brand new politician, Michel Djotodia, chief of the Seleka movement.

Well, if you know well, you might wonder, Weti dé pass for his head, no be this guy who was named vice prime-minister, and equally National Defence Minister, on February 2013?  Ha-ha, me I no know but let me tell you what them they talk, whether they lie oh, whether they tell truth oh oh… let’s form your own point of view.

Looking around the different newspapers, it seems that the “Seleka” movement (meaning “union” in sango language) which started a war against the Government of CAR, on December 2012, capturing several major towns… and signed a cease-fire agreement in Libreville on January the 11th, broke the agreement 12 days after, blaming the government for failing to honor the power-sharing agreement. After one month of battle, on March the 24th, President Bozize had to flee his country, defeated by the Seleka troops.

Well til now, no problem coz I won’t share a tear on the fall of a president who gained his power by force, and tried to keep silent, all those who didn’t agree with him. At the top of all, he even set his son as National Defense Minister, planning to make him become the next president.

Don’t get me wrong comrades, I am not encouraging those putschists, neither do I blame them, because only history make heroes and zeros, bad boys and good ones, are judged according o their acts.  No doubt that President Bozize failed to establish a political agreement between the different stake-holders, no doubt that he did’nt manage to resorb corruption (the country is 154th under 189 countries according to Amnesty international) , no doubt that during this mandacy the gap between the richest and the poorest part of the people increased in CAR…  All these failures had a direct consequence on the security perception of the country.

However considering that in spite of the international crisis, he managed to reach an economic growth rate of 4,1% (GDP) in 2012 and 4,3% in the beginning of 2013, his financial statement is good. These numbers would be more appreciated if you consider that the GDP in 2003 was -7,1%, 1% in 2004, 2,4% in 2005, 3,8% in 2006, 3,7% in 2007, 2% in 2008, 1,7% in 2009, 3,3% in 2010 and 3,1% in 2011.  The General Government Gross debt as a % of the GDP was even reduced from 79% of the GDP in 2008, to 36,6% in 2012.


Caricature du voisinage Congolo-centrafricain

Nowadays, Michel Djotodia and his fellow partners inherit  a small country of 622,984 km2, where 80% of the 4,86million inhabitants live with less than 2$ per day, where life expectancy still too weak (44 years old), and they will obviously have to face  poverty, the lack of electricity,  absence of basic public services (health care), industrialize the exploitation of diamonds ( Less than 1¨% of the mineral potential country is exploited)  and gold , reduce the climate of insecurity,  … or how come  if they don’t achieve unity, how would they succeed, if each 10 years, the government have to face a new rebellion ?  How come a movement which employed 3000 child soldiers could understand human rights?  How come shall they bring peace if they no fi manage to end up insecurity? A lot of questions still remain on the real intentions of the Bangui New Masters, whether they are ones more interested by gold, diamonds and all the huge resources of the country, whether they are planning to establish peace and real changes.

In politics as in true life, nothing comes easily. Because this country has diamonds and gold, south African troops were sent there , and unfortunately lost some of their men (between 13 and 36 men), because CAR is not an uninteresting country, Cameroon, Chad, and some other countries sent some men to help General Bozize during his last hours of reign.

Well, Central African People should be careful towards their neighbor’s interests, and supposed friendships. Chad has always played a role in the insecurity which strikes the country, and if we do trust the latest revelations made by General Bozize since his current residence in Yaoundé, Idris Deby troops may have played a double game.

At least, Michel Djotodia who hasn’t been recognized yet by his pairs, agreed with the conclusions settled after the meeting of the foreign affairs ministers of several Central Africa Countries, yesterday in NDJAMENA. He agreed the proposition made by President Idris Deby of Chad that he shall form a consensual National council in charge of the Democratical Transition, which shall nominate a president for the next upcoming 18 months and write a new constitution for CAR.

Knowing that initially Djotodia had announced that he would remain president till the next 3 years, the agreement he made on the Chadian Proposition, appears as a step forward.

Nevertheless, my fellow comrades, don’t expect too much oh, if not you’ll be deceived … I can bet a fortune, that into few months, the president designated by the CNT, if it is created yet, would be Mr Djotodia. As it always occur in Africa, no political movement lives far from his founder.

Now, let me have some words to my fellow brothers and sisters from all over Africa:

Who don get ears shall listen, who don get mouth shall talk, if not … na problem! Problems for our present, coz things won’t change, problems for our heirs, coz we won’t leave them a proper place … We all went on dis life, gifted, and You surely have some skills, then start serve “Peace”, refuse wars and divisions, stand in front of violence, demonstrating, writing, conversing, act anyhow to protect your nation,  if not no politicians will do it for you, and your country would die .


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Central African Republic, “As you make your bed, na so you lie on top”


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  • AS

    Yes ooh! I like am. I no fit follow any of this CAR nonsense but the pattern you are highlighting sure makes sense!na wicked trouble these “leaders” don put “their” people in. Only God knows…

  • dartagnan

    @AS, thanks my friend . Now let’s pray Papa God, to force this people play a better role in their history, than their previous leaders. I mean, if possible, they shall put political order in the House, free the civilian parties, and let them rule the country … Of course, this mean say, they will have to give guarantees that as militarian, they will protect the upcoming institutions. Now , let them play