Papa God!!!  Only 24hours have been running out till Mama Maggie passed away and we people don’t stop calling her with all sorts of inglorious adjectives, some people say na “witch”, others call am say “Milk Snatcher”… Masa, na weti dey happen people start spoiling the name of a woman, who have been retired for politics, long time ago before I learned to read.

I might have missed a chapter … Yesterday I don hear Mr Melenchon (a French Politician) say this Grandma should go for hell and experience what she did to the colliers. Few time afta,  na Joey Barton, an international soccer class midfielder playing in Marseille,  who don wrote his own on twitter “I’d say RIP Maggie but it wouldn’t be true. If Heaven exists that old witch won’t be there…”  E be pass fine compared to those of my facebook “sabi all”, who have been spitting Venom on her memory, clearly those ones, na Die.

What ?  You Knew it?  Of course, you’re the Almighty One, above the sky, you see everything , then let’s tell you something new, coz no be this the funniest part oh, E be like say in My own Continent who has a lot to care of, some people have been losing their ethical sense,  dancing around a dead body. E be like say, the woman laid on the floor had been delivering some people from their difficulties, dying ,  E be like say people had expected Auntie Maggie to defeat death, and suddenly got surprised by your Sentence .  E be like say those people won die themselves …

Margaret Thatcher gestures with her pen as she answers a reporters question during a news conference at the United Nations. June 23, 1982 file photo

Margaret Thatcher gestures with her pen as she answers a reporters question during a news conference at the United Nations.
June 23, 1982 file photo

I won’t ask you why you chose her Papa, seen that from my own concern, living til 87 would be a grace, especially if I had to bear the hate of my contemporary.

Well Papa God I wont make it last too long, neither would I try to defend her political assessment, coz I no dey craze (I hear dem say far in advance , that I’ve been losing my mind, defending the one who was called “Iron Lady”) and I am certainly not You, I mean, GOD.  E be betta, YOU judge us.

Well Papa, let me ask you few questions, coz I really not understand my people, except telling that CNA was a terrorist movement when in fact they could have been considered “as”, except defending toughly her country during a War in Malvinas, or putting some order in her Country … in her way, was she a criminal?  What the hell she’s been doing wrong which can justify, a man standing a long distance from London where she died, could switch on his radio, comot cups of champagne, and start have feast , telling “the beast passed away” ? Vanity, everything na vanity, PAPA …

We all gonna die, but let me tell you my point on what this Lady should have learned to Africa:

Whether we dey like am, Whether We no like am, this woman was first a Model to all the Women around the world, who clearly reached in a world hold by Men .

Whether we dey like am, Whether We no like am, the Iron Lady action was elected by People representatives, and after removed by dem, which means that she wasn’t a dictator and she could neither be compared to all these absolute rulers, we have in Africa (If I start give names, na problem ooh).  All the things she made were approved by the Parliament, so if someone should be blamed, let’s blame the people for giving support to a person, who’s been criticized today.


Margaret Thatcher arrivant devant Saint Pierre

Whether we dey like am, Whether We no like am, this woman has never been convicted or suspected of a crime or financial misappropriation. All sorts of president have been ruling African Countries, few of them could boast having such virginity.

Whether we dey like am, Whether We no like am, she did all she said, she would be doing, and she might have been wrong, she might have been ideologically blinded, but as long as she did all she has to do, respecting the laws of her country… still got objections ?

Whether we dey like am, Whether We no like am,  UK has passed from being in a worse situation than Greece is today, with 30 million days of Working strike, to a World Class destination recognized as one of the most attractive country .
Imagine for instance, what Africa could have become, if our rulers had such qualities, start doing what they were elected for, think more of the interest of their country, than their own image ?

Imagine, the price of the development of your place, was to sacrifice the way people would perceive you, was to accept being called a “beast”, and have fools dancing at the announce of your death , would you have the courage to keep straight like an “Iron Man” or “Lady” ?

Hey, Sorry PA, of course You know dat, You don’t even have to Imagine dat, Your son too, suffered from being misunderstood, and of course people who insulted him, deplored him … after.

Well, Maggie died, and no one cares of having lost the “special One”, the truth is that

There was only One Maggie and we Africans still wait for a leadership … LORD, have mercy!


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“There was only one Maggie, so Lord , have Mercy”

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